We live in an age in which worldwide developments go very fast, the meat industry included. It is not always possible to keep up with these developments. That  is why some one from the outside should have a good look at your company.

Erwin Wielders has extensive experience within the meat industry.He had several functions both in production and in management, his education is up to date. He can offer you extended service in order to optimize your operational management.

Business analysis

Erwin Wielders provides analysis regarding all relevant aspects, such as buying and selling, cutting,packing,forwarding, transport, logistics, administration and accounting. Solutions to deal with problems are both workable and feasible.
Company analysis can amount up to:

  • screening of company structures, organisation structures  and manufacturing processes.
  • drafting of plans of improvement.
  • managing the plan of improvement.
  • consolidating ( aftersales).

Customised advice

It is not always necessary to analyze the whole company.There is  sometimes a specific problem which needs to be solved or perhaps a disfunctioning department to deal with.
E.g: Quality defects were found in certain products during the production processes, or an illogical sequence of production activities in a cutting plant costs valuable time.


Erwin Wielders offers support in product development.