Interim management

There are situations in which there is a need for temporary support and input from someone outside the company. Erwin Wielders is well experienced within the meat packing business. Therefor he will be able to take tough decisions more easily than the company’s  managers.


in cases:

  • in which no suitable successor has been appointed for a member of staff that left the company.
  • in which a member of staff is absent due to illness for a long time.
  • in which a member of staff due has been suspended.


in cases:

  • in which big changes will take place in the company, eg. a merger or remediation.
  • in which the former manager made a mess of things and order has to be restored.
  • in which an external institution e.g. the IRS has decided a temporary external expertise is necessary.

Special Projects

Projects that are running parallel to the rest of the current affairs within the company can be initiated,e.g. the implementation of a new administration system.


Additional support during a period of time in which more actions need  to be done,e.g. producing a budget on annual basis.